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Mergers & acquisitions of machine learning in the mining sector

Mergers & Acquisitions of Machine Learning Technology Companies in the Mining Sector

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Where will CAPEX be spent in Mining Sector ?

A comparison of various commodity leaders on the ASX underpins the reasoning why gold and iron ore will continue to see significant investment in both existing and planned mining operations.

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Machine Learning in Mineral Processing Paper Released

LCC has extensive experience in mineral processing / wear parts engagements.  We have released a paper that predicts the growing importance of Machine Learning in the mineral processing sector

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Potash and Phosphate Markets

Global Potash and Phosphate Markets Overview

Some interesting data points on the global Potash and Phosphate Markets. Potash is a key mineral in the production of food – and with global emerging middle class its requirements will increase.

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Paper on Belt & Road Sri Lankan Projects published

Not all projects that China has sponsored along its Belt & Road Initiative have been economically successful for the host country…

Paper on China’s Polar Silk Road published

In 2018 China unveiled its aspirations in relation to the Arctic Region, termed the “Polar Silk Road”.

Paper on China’s Space Silk Road published

The Belt & Road Initiative of China’s is a multi faceted commercial and strategic programme.

M&A Mistakes

10 Classic M&A Mistakes

M&A is a complex strategy, with many dimensions. Without a disciplined process for considering and executing deals, the potential of acquiring the wrong target is extremely high.