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Iron Ore Coking Coal and China's Appetite for Steel

Iron Ore Coking Coal and China’s appetite for Steel

Commodities that drive Australian export trade & China’s ongoing demand for a fundamental product.

Download/Read – Iron Ore, Coking Coal & Chinas Appetite For Steel

OPEC vs WTI Price Movements – Short Term & Long Term

Comparing OPEC vs West Texas Intermediate USD per barrel price movements across 12 month timelines and back to 1980

For the pack please download here –  lcc asia pacific opec vs wti data_ may 2019

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Potential Impact On Metal Export Market By China Trade War

Brief data on the movements in the metal waste export market

lcc asia pacific metal export market to china from australia– download pdf

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Engineering & Contracting Sector Opportunity Assessment Framework

Basic tool for assessing the risk on contract opportunities in the Engineering & Contracting Sector

LCC Asia Pacific Engineering Contracting Sector Consulting Services – download pdf document

private capital investment phases

Understanding phases for a private capital investment

Understanding phases for a private capital investment: A presentation by LCC Asia Pacific to help you understand the typical phases for private capital investment discussing why 4 to 5 years is an “ideal” investment period and what an optimal investment lifecycle looks like.

Download/Read – Private Capital Investment phases

Nicholas Assef speaks at 2018 Global Corporate Growth Summit in New York

Nicholas Assef speaks at 2018 Global Corporate Growth Summit in New York

Across topics including- Border Control – selective globalization and transnational deal making.​

Simon Koay speaks at Mining Tech South America

Simon Koay speaks at Mining Tech South America

Simon Koay sat on a panel to discuss the digitisation of the mining industry and presented a paper on the trends in M&A and venture capital in the mining technology sector. The MiningTech South America Conference was held in Santiago, Chile on the 28 and 29 June 2018

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Paper on Belt & Road Sri Lankan Projects published

Not all projects that China has sponsored along its Belt & Road Initiative have been economically successful for the host country…

Paper on China’s Polar Silk Road published

In 2018 China unveiled its aspirations in relation to the Arctic Region, termed the “Polar Silk Road”.

Paper on China’s Space Silk Road published

The Belt & Road Initiative of China’s is a multi faceted commercial and strategic programme.